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We are domain name specialists. Since our inception in 2003 we have purchased, monetized and sold some of the best domains on the Internet, with over $6 million in sales and $3 million in site revenue to date. Some domains we have owned and sold include PaydayLoans.com, InstallmentLoans.com, PaydayAdvance.com, CashLoans.com, CashAdvances.com and LasVegasRealEstate.com.

Our current portfolio includes Cotai.com, GreaterBayArea.com, TheGBA.com, DivorceLaw.com, DebtCollection.com, Sexpot.com, LuckOut.com, SatelliteRadio.com, ManilaBay.com, Fukushima.com, Hyperbarics.com, Facemasks.com, Pleasureful.com, Millionairess.com, StarCredit.com, Law.tv, Politics.tv and Credit.tv.

We have many domains which are highly memorable and suitable for large-scale advertising by major firms. We can help you choose a great brand name and acquire the corresponding domain, whether we own it or not.

We offer a free initial consultation. You have nothing to lose and a STAR BRAND to gain!


"If you allocate 10% of your advertising budget towards memorable and/or traffic-producing domain names, you will achieve 10 times the results for your advertising."

-- Joe Alagna of 101Domain.com, at https://www.dnjournal.com/archive/lowdown/2016/dailyposts/20160915.htm

Informative Articles:

"Exact-Match Domain Names And Why Investors Value Them"  -  Forbes, May 2018

$30 Million Sale of Voice.com  -  DNJournal, June 2019

2005 Deal to Purchase LasVegas.com Could Net Seller $90 Million Over Time  -  DNJournal

"10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Domain Name"  -  Alan Dunn, CEO of NameCorp.com

** Our game, "Real Fantasy," is now downloadable: RealFantasy.com

** Our film, "Dirty Dealing," is now on Amazon Prime: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DNK495F

** We are currently seeking a partner on Cotai.com.

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